I finished my first story!

2016-11-25 16:06:19 by Nithael

This is a little late but I finally finished my first two short stories within Havoc! As stated, it's about the war between the Empire and the Necoraths, as well as Nithael's descent from an honorable warrior, to a bloodthirsty killing machine. I'll upload it to my dumping grounds soon!

An actual story.

2016-10-26 08:45:37 by Nithael

So i've started writing an actual story in my universe. It's based on the war between the Kharlyssian Empire and the Necorath Monarchy with Nithael as the main character. I'll link his bio at the bottom of this so that you know who he is. Anyway, this is going to be the absolute first full story in my universe, it will be my debut! I am extremely excited.


[Nithael] - {Necorath} - Male - Dark gray skinned, mercenary, previously an assassin for [The Hunters of the Eclipse], led a team of 4 Hunters on missions, but broke off and freelanced along with his team. Extremely skilled in stealth, manipulation, thievery and a master of the [Talonfang]. When he was a child, his family farm was ransacked by the {Kharlyssian Imperial Army} during a war with the [Necorath Monarchy], causing him to enlist in the {Vanguard of Noctus} for the purpose of vengeance, killing as many of the {Kharlyssian} soldiers as possible. Eventually he was dishonorably discharged because of his vendetta, shortly after which he was found and recruited by the {Hunters}.


A new character!

2016-09-22 16:14:34 by Nithael

[Arcus] - {Electos} - Male - One of the most prominent soldiers under [Vailan]'s command, he is an unparalleled marksman within the {Kharlyssian} ranks. He was the soldier who murdered [Nithael]'s parents during the ransacking of {Noctus}.


The name is a tribute to the RWBY ship Arkos, because Pyrrha is my favorite character in that series.

I made a wiki!

2016-09-13 18:14:37 by Nithael

So I finally got around to making a wiki for my universe, and I also named it Havoc! Read through it if you would like. I have yet to upload everything i've written but I will get around to that eventually.

A new planet!

2016-08-03 19:45:51 by Nithael

So I came up with a new planet inspired by Cybertron and the Transformers.

The Planet {Mecha} is mechanical planet which houses an AI called []. It is known as the living planet because the planet itself serves as the AIs robotic host body.

I have yet to actually name the AI but I will work on that.

New character!

2016-07-28 05:42:05 by Nithael

So I created a new Necorath named Viryll. Kinda reminds me of the word virile. I made her a royal guard for the Necorath Monarchy because I had yet to get anyone for that organization other than Ryhn, the captain. More updates soon!


2016-07-12 14:21:37 by Nithael

I'm 22 now by the way. Yay.


2008-07-06 17:52:50 by Nithael

Wuzup. Im 21 and like flinging poo at cars. Its REALLY fun. try it.